Zombie Costume Contest

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San Antonio Zombie Walk – Zombie Costume Contest Rules:

1. All participants must have a San Antonio Zombie Walk admission wristband. Members of the SAZW crew are ineligible to compete in the contest.

2. Registration will take place in person on Sunday, October 30th. Registration will be open from 3:00PM until 4:00 PM, 30 minutes before pre-judging begins. (No entry will be permitted after 4:00pm.) Registration will take place at the ZOMBIE COSTUME CONTEST BOOTH and will be handled in a “first come, first served” fashion. All entrants MUST be photographed with their entry number at contest booth.
*Pre-judging will take place between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.

3. Finalists will be announced and called up to the stage area at 5:30PM. All finalists must report to the stage area with their number when called. Any finalist failing to report to the stage area 5 minutes prior to judging will be disqualified.
*Judging will take place at 6:00PM.

4. Entries will be separated into 2 age groups:
A. 13 years old and up – Contestants who are at least 13 years of age.
B. 12 years old and below – Contestants who are below the age of 13.

5. Contestants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during all portions of the contest.

6. Pictures and/or video will be taken during the Registration and Contest portions. These pictures/video are the property of the SAN ANTONIO ZOMBIE WALK for the purposes of advertising and promotion of future events and contests.

7. All costumes must display originality and creativity. No nudity will be accepted. All weapons in the contest must pass the Entrance Weapons Check.

8. No pyrotechnics, live flame or smoke generators of any kind are allowed in the contest.

9. No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume.

10. Each contestant may present or wear one and only one costume. Group entries will not be permitted.

11. Purchased costumes are highly discouraged from entering the contest, unless modifications have been made to display creativity.

**Prizes TBA**